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In this dental clinic, the business will be operated solely by the owner, Melanie Horton, who will handle all aspects of the practice. With the use of advanced dental software and technology, Melanie will efficiently manage patient records, appointments, billing, and other administrative tasks that would typically require additional staff. By leveraging these software solutions, Melanie will effectively streamline operations and ensure a smooth workflow without the need for additional employees. As the sole owner and operator, Melanie will serve as the dental hygienist, and administrator, providing comprehensive dental care and personalized attention to each patient. 

Her expertise and experience in the dental field, coupled with her dedication to exceptional patient care, will drive the success of the clinic. Melanie’s organizational skills and meticulous approach will enable her to handle all responsibilities efficiently and deliver high-quality services. While the organizational structure may not require a traditional organogram due to the absence of employees, Melanie’s role as the owner and sole practitioner will be at the core of the business. 

She will be responsible for all clinical and administrative tasks, ensuring the smooth functioning of the dental clinic. Melanie’s commitment to providing exceptional care and her ability to manage the clinic independently will contribute to the success and growth of the practice in the foreseeable future.

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